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Rus Ervin Funk, MSW, CSE is the Coordinator for KUUJAN.  Rus is a long time social justice community organizer and activist. Rus grew up in South Texas, moved to Washington, DC after undergraduate school, received his MSW from Howard University, and moved to Louisville in 2002. He lives with his partner Amy, their Child Kiernan and a cat "Appa" who belongs to himself.  

Rus has been active in peace organizing (he was a co-founder and facilitator of the DC chapter of War Resister's League for many years), Gender Justice (Rus is a co-founder of the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force in the 1980's), and racial justice (Rus helped organize protests at the US Department of "Just-us" after the acquittal of the police who beat Rodney King, and helped to organize numerous events at the Supreme Court in support of Mumia Abu Jamaal). Rus has cofounded numerous organizations and efforts seeking social change including DC Men Against Rape, the People's Coalition for Justice, the Washington Area Social Action Network (the Social Action network of Washington, DC area UU Congregations), the Ohio Men's Action Network, the North American MenEngage Network and many others. 

Rus has also written widely.  His latest book is What's Wrong with this Picture:  The Impact of Men Viewing Pornography (2018). 

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